Important informations

After your purchase we will send you the sheet music and files to your e-mail address. The sheet music is provided with a registration code, which is stored in our database in your name. You can use the sheet music in the same way as conventional editions, they are registered documents.  Please note, however, that it is legally forbidden to pass them on to third parties. The prices are comparatively very reasonable, so that everyone can afford a personal copy and we ask you for honesty and fairness. However, you can make urgently needed working copies for the musicians. As a particularly attractive service Rolf Thomas Lorenz offers the creation of desired compositions and arrangements. The offered pieces can also be arranged for other instrumentations.  Please contact us by e-mail. The offer will be constantly expanding, please subscribe to the newsletter if you would like to receive current information in the future. In over 30 years, countless music students have won a variety of prizes and concerts at home and abroad with the compositions of Rolf Thomas Lorenz - in this sense, we wish you much joy and success 🙂 On behalf of the MUSANOVA team Simon Wurlitzer Rolf Thomas Lorenz was born in Klingenthal/Saxony in 1959. After a four-year education at the Robert Schumann Conservatory in Zwickau, he studied composition, clarinet and piano at the "Carl Maria von Weber" College of Music in Dresden from 1978 to 1984 and attended intensive courses in music criticism, music psychology and music therapy for several years.  Since 1984 Lorenz has been working at the present Heinrich Schütz Conservatory in Dresden and since 2004 he has been a specialist consultant for music theory and composition for the Free State of Saxony in the Association of German Music Schools. Rolf Thomas Lorenz has been successfully composing for music students for several decades. His compositions are in demand internationally, as the artistic demand is always combined with joy of playing and creating, a colourful musical expression is combined with instrumental technique and new ways of playing enrich the compositions instead of overloading them. The "Kaleidoscope for 4 Clarinets and Bass Clarinet" is regularly a compulsory piece in ensemble competitions and has been performed over 1,000 times in Asia alone. Translated with (free version)